Jelena lives! In Nor Cal, too!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez continue spending their downtime together. Get all of the details!

The reunion, which started with a segway ride in So Cal and carried over to Instagram, seems to be in full effect, as sources indicate they took their romance, their segways and The Biebs' dad Jeremy to Santa Cruz, Calif., which is about 350 miles north of L.A. over the weekend.

Celebuzz reports that a park ranger told a local media outlet that Jelena and Jeremy rode their Segways again and were afforded VIP treatment – they were able to visit a beach that normally does not allow the public any access.

The Biebs posted an Instagram video of Jeremy wiping out, hardcore, while riding, which he captioned: "Dad falls on Segway." Oopsie!

Sources say that The Biebs crew camped out on Saturday night and left Sunday afternoon. They also checked into the Seascape Resort, where a young fan saw Jelena on the balcony.

"We waited for a few hours and there was hotel security all over so I couldn't go up to the door," an eyewitness,16, said. "When we took the pathway down to the beach which leads behind the suites and walked for a few minutes and I noticed two people standing on what looked to be a balcony. So we casually walked over and I noticed it was Selena. We got a little closer and I noticed the man who was standing with her, he put his arm over the railing and I knew it was Justin because I saw his tattoos… Then they noticed us, but they weren't mad. They hung out for another minute or so and then casually went inside."

While they weren't hiding their love, they did try and conceal their identities at one point, as witnesses said that Selena donned a blond wig. She and The Biebs both wore big sunglasses.

"They both had huge sunglasses on, it was obvious they were trying to hide who they were," said a witness, 15, who saw them Monday night at around 10PM.

Jeremy Biebs also tweeted on Tuesday (Jan. 7) that they took a road trip and that looks like the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Looks like The Biebs is photobombing here, too.

The Biebs tweeted on Monday about the road trip, saying he was glad for a minute off and teasing Beliebers about his location. But judging from reports, he had a great weekend with Sel.