Justin Bieber is not having a great week. Less than a day after nude photos of the singer appeared online, a video of UFC Champion Ronda Rousey talking about a recent interaction she had with him also gained steamed on the web -- and it casts Bieber in a pretty unflattering light.

Speaking with Cosmopolitan, Rousey said she and her 16-year-old sister Julia were in attendance at the Cannes Film Festival when they saw Bieber taking photos on the red carpet.

Rousey said, “He was actually really rude to my little sister at the Cannes Film Festival. My little sister is really hard to impress and we really didn’t care about anybody that was at the Cannes Film Festival, but I wanted to spend some time with her. Justin Bieber was over there taking pictures with some ladies and [Julia] suddenly got really excited. She was like, ‘Do you think he would wanna take a picture with me?’ And I was like, ‘Sure, Julia, Don’t worry about it. Everybody's taking pictures today, don't feel bad at all...Look at him! He’s a sweetheart!'”

But actually --  he wasn't, says Rousey. Quickly upon approaching Bieber, Rousey was shot down. She recounted, “He turned to me and he goes, ‘I’ve already taken a billion pictures today, OKAY?...A BILLION.' He walks off and totally snubbed my little sister, and she looks at me and she’s like on the verge of tears, and she goes, ‘I’m no longer a Belieber.’”

Understandably, Rousey has no desire to talk to Bieber, ever again: "Yeah, I don't think I'd want to hang out with him. I'm not a Belieber. I was, but I'm not anymore."

Have you ever had a bad encounter with a celebrity? Do you think the expression "never meet your heroes" is one to abide by? Was Justin just having a bad day? Are celebrities allowed to have bad days at public events where they're expected to interact with people? Let us know!

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