Another day, another lawsuit. It looks like Justin Bieber is facing some more legal troubles. The neighbors whose house was reportedly egged by Justin last year is now suing the "Baby" singer for assault and battery, as well as other damages they claim to have suffered during the time that Justin lived in the private gated community.

According to E! News, Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz reported that, after heading over to Justin's house to "calmly" ask him to stop speeding around the neighborhood in his car as a safety precaution for the children who live in the same gated community, Schwartz was met with hostility from Justin that reportedly devolved into verbal diatribes and threats. Schwartz says that Justin signaled to his "two large bodyguards," who asked Schwartz to leave. But as soon as Schwartz complied with their request, he alleges that Justin "launched into an unprovoked tirade, threatening to 'f---king kill'" Schwartz. Justin's bodyguards reportedly held the singer back as he continued to threaten that he would "f---king kill" him and "f---king kick his ass."

Schwartz goes on to claim that at this point, Justin "maliciously spit" in his face. According to the lawsuit, a third bodyguard who was not present at the time of the incident reportedly went over to Schwartz's home to apologize for the spitting. The suit goes on to claim that members of Justin's entourage yelled obscenities and threats at Suzanne and her young daughter when they met in passing. Another incident reportedly saw Justin's bodyguards calling Schwartz a "little Jew boy," when Schwartz asked Justin, once again, to stop speeding.

Last year, Justin reportedly threw about 20 eggs at his neighbor's house, causing upwards of $20,000 in damage. The entire thing was allegedly caught on video.

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