And she was like baby, baby, baby!

It's no secret that Madonna likes her men on the young side, but even this is record-breaking for the star. Madge posted a photo of herself doing the very thing most tween girls stay up all night dreaming of doing: stealing a smooch from Justin Bieber.

Granted, the shot is pretty innocent. Justin plants a big kiss and Madonna's cheek while the pop icon flashes a kiss at the camera. The photo was taken backstage during a taping of The Ellen Degeneres Show, where Madonna is currently in the midst of a week-long residency.

On the March 18 episode of the show, Madonna jokingly referred to Justin, also a guest star, as her "new boyfriend" as the two answered a series of raunchy "never have I ever" questions.

The pairing is certainly odd — for one thing, Madonna is 56 and was already a bona fide superstar by the time 21-year-old Justin was born in 1991 — but the truth is, the two musicians definitely have a few things in common. They both achieved fame at a young age, are they've both had their fair share of controversy.

The age difference might mean we'll never get to see these two date, but if what we've just seen is any indication, they could definitely become good friends … and possible collaborators?

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