Justin Bieber is piling on the tattoos. As we said last week, he appears to be going for a sleeve, as he added a koi fish, a tiger and a raven-haired woman, who looks like his on-off GF Selena Gomez, to his arm. 

At only 18, Bieber is already inking up a lot of visible real estate. It's worth noting that his father Jeremy Bieber is pretty heavy on the inkage, boasting a sleeve.

Our friends over at Twist put together a guide to the Biebs's ever-growing tattoo collection, which rivals One Direction's tattoo collector Harry Styles.

By Twist's count, Da Biebs has amassed 14 tattoos, placed all over his body, with many of them coming in the past 12 months or so.

Check out this awesome infographic and tell us which Bieber tattoo is your favorite. Take your time. There are so many, that you might be here for a while.


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