To all the Beliebers out there who insist those nude photos of Justin Bieber vacationing in Bora Bora aren't actually of Justin Bieber -- tell it to his legal team.

According to TMZ, Bieber’s team has (understandably) sent out multiple cease and desist letters to the various news outlets and online publications that have published the photos over the past 24 hours. They say the photos were taken without Bieber’s knowledge, which should be pretty obvious to anyone who’s seen them, considering they’re grainy, low-quality shots taken after zooming in as far as possible.

TMZ goes on to say that Bieber’s team will reportedly sue if the photos don’t come down immediately. Let this be a warning to those of you reposting the images on Tumblr or Twitter — Team Bieber could come after you.

Photos of the “Boyfriend” singer made their way online yesterday (October 7) after the New York Daily News went ahead and published them without Bieber’s consent. The pictures were shot while he was on vacation in Bora Bora with his rumored girlfriend, blogger Jayde Pierce.

And while Bieber has yet to acknowledge the nude photos officially, he did favorite a tweet from model Chrissy Teigen that says, "No one is ever disgusted by the pig who preys on, photographs and sells pictures of someone naked. Just the celebrity for being naked. Ok."

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