This week's Pop Clash is a heated battle! Justin Bieber emerged the latest victor, beating One Direction and their beautiful brooder 'Story of My Life' by the narrowest of margins last week (9 votes people!).

With a third win under his belt, The Biebs and his 'Heartbreaker' are going up against Britney Spears and her brand new single, the beautiful, personal ballad 'Perfume.' It's going to be tough, since both tracks are from beloved acts and each song is decidedly personal.

'Heartbreaker,' the first song that The Biebs shared as part of his 10-track, #MusicMondays marathon, is one of his most emotional songs…ever. He really shares the pain in his heart, which is set to a pretty, aching, slow and low R&B melody. If he wins and bests Brit Brit this week, we'll see 'Heartbreaker' inducted into the Pop Clash Hall of Fame, so you know what you gotta do, Beliebers

But not so fast...

...Brit followed up the hard, house-y 'Work Bitch' with a softer, gentle track in the form of 'Perfume.' The song is one we can all relate to – Brit is the current GF who is having trouble trusting her man whenever he is with his ex. Her insecurities grab hold of her senses and she is stressing. Brit funnels that emotion into a heartfelt ballad that finds her experimenting with her vocal range. It's also one of Brit Brit's most personal songs ever, where she pulls back the curtain and lets us see and hear her vulnerabilities. We already know Brit can rock a dancefloor track like nobody's business, but she also let us see her sensitive, real side.

It's up to you regarding which track should reign supreme in this week's Pop Clash. You can vote once an hour until the polls close at 3PM ET on Monday, Nov. 11. Let your voice be heard and vote for your fave of these two worthwhile tracks.

Listen to Justin Bieber, 'Heartbreaker'

Listen to Britney Spears, 'Perfume'

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