Just a few days ago, we reported that Justin Bieber is being sued by a paparazzo whom he accidentally struck with his car back in June 2013. While Bieber was cleared of any hit-and-run charges and police actually put the blame on the victim for standing in the middle of the street, the paparazzo is still suing the pop star, claiming serious injuries and saying he doubts he will ever recover. However, this may all go up in smoke as it turns out that this same photographer was actually out filming Bieber and Chris Brown at a roller rink recently -- despite saying that he may never work again.

According to TMZ -- who has obtained the video shot by Walter Lee, the paparazzo in question -- it doesn't look like Lee's case will hold much clout, considering the vid has been released a mere three days after he filed the lawsuit, which allegedly claims he was so injured in the accident that he may be unable to ever work again.

The lawsuit cites that Lee suffered from lacerations, hematomas, deep abrasions on his left knee and leg and deep vein thrombosis after Bieber hit him with his Ferrari, and while that may be true -- it certainly looks as if he is fully capable of still working.

Beliebers, what do you think?

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