Who are all those other guys standing around our beloved JT? Kidding! But seriously, every boy band has one, and Justin Timberlake was the bonafide heartthrob in 'N Sync.

Today, Jan. 31, 2013, the 'Suit & Tie' crooner is celebrating his 32nd birthday today, and in order to pay proper tribute to the ultra suave singer, we thought it best to compile all of his most embarrassingly awesome 'N Sync posters.

If you were a child of the late '90s - early '00s, you know you had at least one of these supa fiiiine posters of Timberlake on your bedroom wall -- unless you were more of a BSB fan, then who knows.... Although he's since renounced his questionable fashion choices during his 'N Sync days, we know better, JT -- no one can nail those crunchy blond curls and horrifying outfits like you can, sir.

Happy birthday, JT! Wish him a happy birthday and check out some of his best 'N Sync posters below.