Kanye West returned to the VMAs tonight (Aug. 25), performing the 'Yeezus' track 'Blood on the Leaves' in complete and total darkness.

Well, maybe it wasn't absolute darkness. You could see a little bit of the rapper's face during the first verse. But it was just a hint. As the song continued, the camera panned from just Yeezy's face to his entire body, and he was still cloaked in darkness. There were trees in the background and you could see Yeezy's silhouette, but not much else.

We were kind of hoping that the lights would come on and the camera would pan to his nemesis Taylor Swift, since we'd expect her to roll those lovely eyes at anything Yeezy did. But alas, twas not to be.

We only got a good look at Yeezy after he finished the song. Normally, you'd think a performance in darkness would be sorta dull or boring, especially since the previous performances featured five live costume changes, dancing bears and Robin Thicke in a striped suit that we can only deem Alcatraz chic.

But this is 'Ye and nothing he ever does is dull or boring.

It was certainly a standout moment in an evening of wild, standout moments by virtue of the fact that it was markedly different and not splashy. It was more about 'Ye being artful.