Nothing can stop Kathy Griffin from trolling Elon Musk, apparently, not even a Twitter ban.

The comedian was permanently banned from her Twitter account, @kathygriffin, on Nov. 6 for "engaging in impersonation," according to Musk.

Griffin had been mocking the new Twitter owner by changing her display name to "Elon Musk" to demonstrate how Musk's new policies regarding verified accounts are flawed.

Under Musk, users with the verified blue check mark must now pay $8 per month to remain verified, and anyone who pays can received a blue check mark, defeating the very purpose of verification for celebrities, journalists and other public figures.

And apparently, if an account doesn't "specify 'parody'" it will be "permanently suspended."

Musk quickly enforced the "parody" rule of his new version of Twitter Blue after Griffin began mocking him on Twitter.

Following her ban, Griffin resurfaced via her late mother's Twitter account, @TipItMaggieG.

"I’m tweeting from my dead mother’s account. She would not mind," Griffin tweeted, adding in another tweet, "I'm back from the grave to say... #FreeKathy."

Kathy Griffin Twitter

Musk later joked that Griffin was suspended for "impersonating a comedian," to which Griffin responded by saying "you stole that joke you a--hole."

Musk also claimed Griffin could have her account back... "for $8."

Warning: Some tweets below include graphic language.

Elon Musk tweet
Kathy Griffin tweets

Other celebrities have since joined in on trolling Musk, such as Sarah Silverman and Valerie Bertinelli, who both changed their name and profile photo to Musk's.

"[T]he blue checkmark simply meant your identity was verified. Scammers would have a harder time impersonating you. That no longer applies. Good luck out there!" Bertinelli tweeted.

Griffin later posted a tweet speaking as her late mother.

"Elon, this is Maggie contacting you from the spirit world tell u…you’re a d---hebag. This is not parody. This is the actual ghost of Kathy Griffin’s boxed wine loving mother saying I’m gonna get tipsy & throw my bingo cards at you! NOT A PARODY. To the moon, a--hole. #FreeKathy," she tweeted.

The hashtag #FreeKathy quickly garnered support from fellow celebrities such as Mark Hamill, who tweeted the hashtag with a thumbs up emoji. It also started trending on Twitter, with many chiming in with their support of the comedian.

"Kathy Griffin has been permanently suspended because she hurt Elon Musk’s feelings," one person wrote.

Another pointed out the irony of Musk's stance on free speech, tweeting, "Elon Musk: 'Comedy is now legal on Twitter.' Also Elon Musk: suspend Kathy Griffin for making fun of me."

Meanwhile, Kanye West's Twitter account was reinstated Oct. 28 following his anti-Semitic statements.

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