On tonight's (May 1) elimination/results episode of 'The Voice,' former Mouseketeer Tony Lucca advanced to represent Adam Levine's team in next week's semi-finals, thus ending office worker Katrina Parker's run on the show.

Before revealing his assignation of points to each of his team members, Levine told them they are both fortunate and in a terrific position moving forward. He said, "I look at this as a victory. It's not so much about winning as it is about using the show as a launchpad. You win." He has a point there.

Levine, rocking the five o'clock shadow and having grown back most of the hair that he shaved off earlier this spring, assigned 60 points to Lucca and only 40 to Parker. His rationale for going 60/40? He felt that he truly connected with Lucca during his performances, but still said that Parker was the most improved of the entire season, which is no small feat. Levine also chalked it up to having a "bromance" with Lucca, even though he hated using the term. Uh, is fellow coach and his bromantic parnter Blake Shelton jealous over such a statement?

Congrats to Tony Lucca for moving on to the finals, which air next week. Good luck to Katrina Parker in her future endeavors. We think we'll hear from her again, too.