Katy Perry descended onto the 2012 Kids' Choice Awards stage via an aerial hand tram, gliding from the ceiling to the stage to perform her latest smash hit 'Part of Me.' That's what we call making an entrance. The singer also made a noteworthy exit --after her performance, she learned she had won the KCA for Favorite Voice From an Animated Movie for her role as Smurfette in 'The Smurfs' movie in an off camera announcement.

Smiling, Perry said, "The only reason I am here today  -- and remember this -- is because I've never grown up." You tell 'em, Katy. You're a pop music Peter Pan and we love you for it.

As she glided down from the sky, Perry was cloaked in femme armor and also brandishing a sword in her hand. She looked the part of gladiator goddess in a silvery bodysuit, with a long purple and blue streaked ponytail pulled tight atop her head like a genie.

The newly-single diva performed with dancers and ornately dressed characters on the stage. They were attired in fancy costumes that made them look like part of a royal court. Mid-set, Perry implored the kids in the audience to make some noise, and they responded.

She held a diamond shield during the bridge where she sings about not wanting the diamond ring anymore, which everyone assumes is about her ex-husband Russell Brand even though she penned the song well before their split. Still, it makes us think it's somewhat autobiographical in some cosmic way.

In perhaps the most fun part of her perf, Perry led one of her people props to a guillotine and threw a pie in his face to end the song. That was almost as good as seeing him get slimed.

Watch Katy Perry Perform 'Part of Me' at the 2012 Kids' Choice Awards