Katy Perry showed the world that she is, indeed, a "firework" as she lit up the University of Phoenix Stadium during the 49th Super Bowl halftime show in front of millions of viewers worldwide.

After weeks of hype and tease, Perry's halftime show, sponsored by Pepsi, began with the 30-year-old pop star appearing on a giant tiger float and wearing a colorful orange dress with decorative flames. She kicked off her performance with her No. 1 hit 'Roar' from the 'Prism' album.

The field then transformed into a giant chessboard with dancing chess pieces for her brief rendition of 'Dark Horse.' The singer, still wearing her fire dress from before, danced with the pieces as the projection of the chess board swirled and tilted, creating a dizzying effect for viewers.

It wasn't long afterwards that her first musical guest when Lenny Kravitz showed up on a side stage with his guitar and his signature swagger. Kravitz joined Perry in a rendition of 'I Kissed a Girl,' the 2008 hit which launched her career into stardom. The two got a little cozy on stage, and in a move reminiscent of the infamous Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke incident, Perry did a brief twerk on Kravitz.

The field then transformed into a giant beach party, as Perry appeared in a colorful swimsuit with dancers wearing shark, palm tree and beach ball outfits. Perry sang 'Teenage Dream' and then 'California Dreams' as she stood in the middle of her dancers who were all wearing retro-style polka dot bikinis.

But it was the appearance of Missy Elliott that got social media really chatting, as the hashtag #MissyElliott became a trending topic on Twitter, second only to #SuperBowl itself. Elliott, who has largely been out of the spotlight for many years, kicked things off by breaking into her 2001 hit, 'Get Ur Freak On,' followed by performances of 'Work It' and 'Lose Control.' Missy looked as great as ever, and we can't wait to hear what she has in store for us in her comeback album.

Finally, Perry donned a new outfit as she was lifted off stage in a twilight dress underneath a lit up comet as she did a rendition of 'Firework.' Supported by a harness, Perry dangled dozens of feet in the air as fireworks lit up the stadium during her final song.

Katy Cats may have been disappointed that they didn't hear any new music from her upcoming album, but Perry showed that she could handle the pressure of the big stage, much like how Beyonce and Madonna did before her.

So what did you think of Katy's Super Bowl performance?

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