Looks like there's one part of Katy Perry that people don't want to see: her movie. The starlet's 'Part of Me: 3D' film was more of a wet sparkler than a full-blown firework at the box office its opening weekend.

Deadline reports that the film, which opened July 5, made roughly $7.2 million over the Friday to Sunday weekend, earning about $10.2 million within its first four days of release. The film, which Perry financed herself, cost $12 million to produce.

While the numbers don't sound too bad, keep in mind Perry's predecessors. In 2011, Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never' cost $13 million to make but made over $29.5 million its opening weekend. Back in 2009, the Jonas Brothers took in $12.5 million for the opening weekend of their own 3D concert film, while Miley Cyrus -- who had a flop of her own recently with 'LOL' -- earned a whopping $32 million her own opening weekend for 'Hannah Montana: The Movie.'

To be fair, Perry was against pretty stiff competition. 'The Amazing Spider-Man' and 'Ted' all opened strongly, leaving the concert film (and carefully chosen and edited breakup footage) in the dust. Superhero movies are generally tough to beat, and Perry's audience is a bit of a niche: Who but KatyCats would see her film, just like who but Beliebers saw 'Never Say Never'?

In addition, to promote her film, Perry may have risked some over exposure. The media has been saturated with the grape-haired songstress for months leading up to the film's release, likely causing some movie-goers who may have been on the fence to sit it out in favor of a web-shooting guy in tights. Did you see 'Part of Me?' Did you dig it? Tell us in the comments!

Watch a Katy Perry, 'Part of Me' Clip