Katy Perry pulled a Rocky Balboa when she closed out the 2013 MTV VMAs tonight (Aug. 25)! The songstress donned fire-emblazoned boxing trunks and performed her new smash 'ROAR' for the first time in a makeshift boxing ring under the Brooklyn Bridge. She was a champion and all of Brooklyn heard her roar.

Perry was cute with her hair in pigtails and even jumped rope like a prize fighter preparing for the title bout during her performance. Instead of dancing, she exercised and never broke character. Hey, at least she engaged in a calorie-burning exercise. We love a pop diva with laser-like focus, which Perry clearly had here.

The 'California Gurl' explored the boxer theme and motif to its fullest, wrapping her hands in tape and holding up a championship belt as she closed out her performance. Perry was flanked by ring girls who held up cards that read "Game Over" as she wrapped. No detail was left unattended to.

It was visually stunning to watch Perry do her thing with the massive bridge looming behind her. It was as though Perry was larger-than-life and larger than that bridge as she belted out the song.

Perry performing outside and off site was quite a way to wrap the VMAs, which were full of crazy antics and spectacle-like performances, along with a few subdued but equally as memorable ones.