Private Perry, reporting for duty! Live duty, that is.

Katy Perry performed her latest smash single 'Part of Me' on tonight's (April 26) elimination/results episode of 'American Idol' in a pre-taped performance that she filmed a day prior. She brought the same military vibe of the song's video to the 'Idol' stage. It was quite the production. We were half expecting Martin Sheen or Marlon Brando to flash on the projection screens a la 'Apocalypse Now.'

The former Mrs. Russell Brand dropped to the stage like a cadet headed into combat. Dressed in military garb -- essentially a camo skirt and combat boots, paired with her newly purple locks -- Perry and her fellow troops danced and marched while bathed in green stage lights.

It was quite a contrast to last year's performance, when Perry rocked her current-at-the-time single 'E.T.' in an other-worldly fashion. Katy always keeps us guessing and changes her performance themes and concepts as often as she does her hair hue!

KP ended her robust number by saluting the crowd. She looked like she was breathing heavily and didn't sound as good as she usually does. It was not her best vocal work, but it was entertaining nonetheless, thanks to all those militaristic bells and whistles she incorporated into the performance as a whole.

Watch Katy Perry Perform 'Part of Me' on 'American Idol'