Katy Perry is a 'California Gurl' at heart -- but she was a country girl in the track 'Bullet.' Perry penned the song for country-pop beauty Jessie James, and the demo surfaced this week. This should be a nice momentary distraction from all of poor Perry's divorce reports.

The track is both distinctly country with the addition of the banjo, but also clearly Katy Perry -- it has a soaring chorus and a fun beat. The lyrics are pretty country-standard, but still fun. "My momma warned me 'bout boys like you / It's the reason I wear these steel-toed boots," Perry opens. That's one way to tell the track is for someone else -- we can't picture even eclectic Perry donning that kind of footwear. Another tell-tale sign? Well, one lyric has the intended artist's name in it. "I'm gonna give you a little piece of advice / My papa packs heat and he won't think twice / Why do you think they call me Jessie James? / Too much trouble, better stay away / Grab your hat, better get gone / But if you stay, you've been warned."

The hook has the simple yet effective lyrics we've come to expect from Perry. "I'm a bullet and I'm headed straight for your heart / Be careful what you start," she sings. "I’m a bullet and I’m headed straight for your heart / It’s gonna leave a mark." You hear that, Russell Brand? Watch out!

Jessie James isn't the only singer to snag a Perry track. The 'One That Got Away' warbler has also written songs for Kelly Clarkson ('I Don't Hook Up,' 'Long Shot'), Ashley Tisdale and Selena Gomez ('That's More Like It'). Based on what we've heard, we think Katy Perry may have a leg up on her outspoken critic Linda Perry. Take a listen to the countrified K.P. below!

Listen to Katy Perry 'Bullet' Demo