The pop world is incredibly incestuous lately. While pop stars like Katy Perry and Britney Spears often have their songs produced (and sometimes written) by professionals who are hired guns, both Perry and Spears are lending their own personal songwriting talents to the young and lovely Selena Gomez.

While Spears co-penned 'Whiplash' on Selena Gomez and the Scene's 'When the Sun Goes Down,' Perry also lent her songwriting talents to 'That's More Like It,' which also appears on the album. Gomez herself co-authored three of the album's tracks, so it was indeed a pop star affair.

The Washington Post reports that Gomez, 18, said, "I did have a lot of artists that I was very lucky enough to have songs written by and it's a good, uplifting album. It's really fun and very dance-y and I hope people like it."

Gomez has also said that her new (third) studio album is quite powerful. With that kind of A-list pop talent in the songwriting credits, we'd have to agree with Gomez's assessment.

From the snippet we've heard, 'That's More Like It' features Perry's signature bouncy, sassy girl flair. Would you expect anything less?

Listen to a Snippet of Selena Gomez, 'That's More Like It'