Britney Spears may not have written any songs on her 'Femme Fatale' album, but she's co-penned a track for Selena Gomez called 'Whiplash.'

'Whiplash,' which will appear on Selena's upcoming album 'When the Sun Goes Down,' has a club-ready vibe that's a lot more aggressive than the typical teen pop sound.

Reports have suggested the song was written for Brit's 2008 'Circus' album but failed to make the cut. Like much of that record, 'Whiplash' is heavy on synths and possesses a hook that will send people running for the dance floor:

"Come on and take me to the other side / I'm gonna wait, when I look into your eyes / I'm so in love, I think I'm going to crash / And get whiplash, whiplash, whiplash."

Gomez's vocal is pretty flat throughout 'Whiplash,' but then again, this isn't the kind of song to show off any sort of vocal gymnastics; it's all about the groove. She does stretch herself with a sing-rap section. It's quite a departure from the straightforward pop of 'Who Says,' but we like it.

'When the Sun Goes Down' comes out June 28 and also features previously-revealed tracks 'Love You Like a Love Song,' 'Bang Bang Bang,' 'Who Says' and its Spanish version, 'Dices.'

Listen to Selena Gomez, 'Whiplash'