Selena Gomez has released yet another track off of her forthcoming album 'When the Sun Goes Down,' which will be available for purchase on June 28. The track, entitled 'Dices,' is actually the Spanish version of Gomez's debut 'When the Sun Goes Down' single, 'Who Says.'

During the song, Gomez shows off her bilingual abilities, delivering the Spanish lyrics with great diction. It's also amazing that Gomez is able to convey the song's positive and emotional message through her tone and pitch changes, even if you can't understand the Spanish version.

In the first verse, she sings, "Por ti me olvide de quien yo era en realidad / Contigo me quede, como un diamante sin brillar / No quiero ser así, espejo de tu vanidad / Prefiero ser de mí / Sin nada que temer, nada que cambiar," with each word seamlessly flowing off her tongue.

We are seriously impressed with the way in which Gomez -- who is of Mexican-American descent and is even named after the late great Tejano songstress Selena -- translated her song for her Latino fans. Overall, we are liking 'Dices. The Spanish lyrics bring an exotic flair to the already great, catchy pop song.

We're not sure if her English-speaking fans will be able to keep up with the lyrics to 'Dices,' but we think plenty will take on the task of learning the words en Español after 'When the Sun Goes Down' drops in two weeks. In the meantime, you can start practicing by downloading the song here.

Listen to Selena Gomez and the Scene, 'Dices'