Those controversial pink horses are gone from Selena Gomez's 'Love You Like a Love Song' video, according to E! Online, which reports that the animals were removed from the video's final cut.

A few weeks back, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and singer Pink both expressed outrage upon hearing that the horses had been colored pink for the video shoot. Gomez's camp initially responded by arguing the horses weren't harmed, saying, "No animals were harmed and all proper precautions were taken. A nontoxic, vegetable-based powder paint was applied via an airbrush and removed with water."

But that didn't stop the controversy, and now the animals will not appear in the video at all. PETA responded to the news by telling Celebuzz:

"PETA is delighted to hear that Selena Gomez has decided to cut the scenes of pink painted horses from her next video. Because paint can cause painful allergic reactions to chemicals and there’s no way to know how an individual animal will react, this is decidedly the right move. She’s a kind person and we’re sure she never intended any harm, but this latest move is appreciated especially since she is a trend setter among young people."

'Love You Like a Love Song' is the opening track on Gomez's album 'When the Sun Goes Down,' which has a June 28 release date.