Katy Perry has notched another mag cover, this time the January 2014 cover of Marie Claire, which is its first-ever Change Your Life issue. Perry would know a little something about that, wouldn't she?

The singer, who pulled herself up by her boot straps after hubby Russell Brand left her, flashes her taut tummy on the cover. She is lovely in lavender.

The safety pin necklace is a cute, edgy touch, as is her black bra top. But what sticks out to us with this mag cover?

Her eyes! The mega curled lashes, the cat-eyed liner and her sultry stare -- like whoa! The stare, along with having with her mouth agape and being topped off by glossy, thick black locks ... it all comes together to form one of the sexiest covers she's ever graced.

Katy Cats and PopCrushers, how you feeling about Katy Perry's latest magazine cover? She certainly is genetically blessed.