While her upcoming 3D documentary 'Part of Me' promises to showcase much of Katy Perry's life on tour, backstage and everywhere in between, there are a few things that won't be covered: Her relationship, marriage and split with Russell Brand.

The Sun reports that Perry deleted any and all scenes related to her time spent with the British funny man. A source told the paper, “There’s loads of stuff in there that relates to her life with Russell and she’s really not comfortable about it all going in.”

Totally understandable, we think -- especially considering in a recent interview (with Interview!), Perry revealed she doesn't like revealing details of her personal life with the public. “I don’t really ever tolerate it --especially when it comes to my personal life or my family. When I’m working, I’m all yours. But when I’m not working, stay the f— away," Perry said. "That’s how it goes. So whoever made up the idea that everyone has the right to every bit of information about you because you’re famous ... No one made that rule. It’s not a law, and if you think it is, then you don’t really understand how the world works.”

Perry has insisted previously that her song 'Part of Me,' released just after her split with Brand, isn't about her ex-husband. Now it looks like her movie of the same name won't be either. No word on whether her new beau will make any cameos, though!