In the second teaser (titled 'The Third Coming') for her new single 'ROAR,' due Aug. 12, Katy Perry presides over a funeral for her old, candy-coated, pastel wig-wearing self with a smirk on her face and sly grin spreading across her berry-stained lips.

The pop diva roasted her 'Teenage Dream' wig in the first teaser. Now a casket with twirling lollipops, like the ones that spun on the bodice of her old tour costumes, is lowered into the ground.

We get it . The old Katy -- the frothy, frilly, sugary Katy -- is going buh-bye, despite the shrieks and screams of mini Katy Kats who cannot bear the thought of losing her. She is no longer with us. Is she being replaced by a newer, darker, more devilish Katy? We can only hope.

Mid-teaser, Perry pulls down her amber lensed glasses to offer a snicker and a sneer. She's letting go and becoming someone else.

We'll find out who on Aug. 12.

Maybe the next teaser can have a snippet of music? Perhaps? Katy? Please?