Katy Perry is not afraid to be silly, funny and make a little fool of herself, so we are pretty much in love with her. People who take themselves too seriously are boring and Katy is anything but that!

The 'Part of Me' songstress is the queen of color-filled and playful music videos, and her live shows, complete with outrageous costumes and elaborate sets, are sights to see. And how can you forget her headgear-sporting alter ego Kathy Beth Terry? Has there ever been a more perfect candidate for GIFdom? We don't think so!

Katy's reaction to Chris Brown and Rihanna dating.

After seeing 'Silver Linings Playbook.'

What is the best day of the week!?

Give us your best impression of your cat Kitty Purry. Ready. Go!

Katy's reaction when Banana Joe won the Westminster Dog Show.

John Mayer! Katy is kissin' on some other guy!

After eating a whole package of Warheads.

Katy, you're lost in the Peppermint Forest! What do you do?!

Ice Cream Sundae Night at Katy's house. Whipped cream is NOT optional.

How Katy caught John Mayer's eye.

Katy reveals the secret to her girlish figure...

Alright, Soul Train's forming. Katy, it's your turn!