When in Japan…

Katy Perry decided to go geisha while in Japan as part of her 'Prism' promo tour. The singer posed with three geishas, wearing the garb, looking lovely and bashful.

While Perry was dressed similarly, she did not paint herself with the white makeup that is also a part of the look. She left that to Lady Gaga, who was seen traipsing around London with coats of white makeup on her face, arms and other visible areas of skin.

The 'ROAR' queen was filmed being goofy and silly while prepping for a press conference, during which she said that she had to do a lot of self-reflection to get from A to B on 'Prism.'

"I went through a difficult time in my life so I needed to go inside and do a lot of work and therapy and mending, and so I did," she recalled. "I started the record in November 2012...and I thought I was going to make a darker, more acoustic, kinda moodier record, but then in the spring, I went through the transition. I did a cleanse for like three months. A mind and body and soul type of cleanse and it made my life so much better and gave me more perspective and helped me live very consciously."

Perry also said she prefers to be "very monogamous. When I decide I am going to like someone, I like them for a long time."

She doesn't drink and tweet, since that's when "weird things come out."

The stylish singer also hopes to start a small fashion line, and that she would like to be a mom one day, and to make an acoustic record.

All noble goals.

See Perry-as-geisha below.

Watch Katy Perry Talk 'Prism' in Japan