Katy Perry didn't attend the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards this year, but she did hint that she planned to dye her hair slime green, which is the show's signature prank and color. She wasn’t kidding. The singer has gone green, and the hair hue is perfect for spring.

Perry largely ditched her candy-coated image, including her crazy, colorful wigs and her predilection for dyeing her hair pink, blue and purple, when she embarked on the 'Prism' promotion cycle last summer. In fact, she even factored the physical change into promos for 'ROAR,' setting her blue wig on fire.

She had been sticking to a pretty, glossy black bob with bangs, which you can marvel at in the pic posted above, for the past few months and it looked great on her. But as is the case with most style chameleons like Perry, she has gone and changed it up again.

The change is certainly drastic.

See the photo of Katy Perry with green hair below. Her bangs and roots remain black, but her ends are a mint shade with some blue tones. It's somewhat ombre and the wavy, tousled style is wild, like the color. Bye bye sleek, straight and shiny strands! We hardly knew ye.

The 'Dark Horse' singer captioned the image: "SLIME GREEN FOR SPRING."

Indeed warmer weather invites softer, lighter and brighter shades. Leave it to Katy Perry to celebrate the blooms and lush, leafy greenness of spring with her new hair.

PopCrushers and Katy Cats, do you like Perry's latest strand shade?