New York Fashion Week is a celebration of excess, with celebrities and models out in droves to pay tribute to the exclusive, cutthroat world of fashion. And what better way to ring in its conclusion than with a brief set from Katy Perry for Harper’s Bazaar’s Icons issue party?

Katy -- who appears in Harper's September issue dressed as Elizabeth Taylor -- wore a red wig and green dress las night (September 16), the combination of which earned her comparisons to both fictional characters Jessica Rabbit and Poison Ivy from various media outlets, because everyone is predictable.

Katy performed for roughly 20 minutes, giving a shoutout to fellow Harper’s Icon Mariah Carey at one point, saying, "This one’s dedicated to you my lovely lady. You’ve paved the way for so many of us. Now you can just enjoy yourself.”

And despite fitting into a couture gown, which she wore for the length of her set, Katy said, “I always feel like an outcast or a black sheep ‘cause I’m no longer sample size.”

Finally, she dedicated "Firework" to the unsung heroes of fashion week, the assistants working behind-the-scenes whose work so often goes unnoticed. Katy said, "This next song is a song I want you to remember when you’re going about your day and you’ve ripped your pants, you have two Band-Aids fall off of the back of your heel, you’re sweating, there’s coffee all over your blouse — I’m talking about all the assistants here. And you feel, maybe, like a little plastic bag. We’re all human, we all start somewhere."

You can check out Katy's full set from the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party in the video below.

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