Katy Perry, midwife?

Apparently, Katy Perry has other talents besides singing, songwriting, stylish dressing, accessories designing, performing and generally being cute and likable. The singer, who reportedly split from BF John Mayer a few days ago, tweeted that she helped a friend deliver a baby in the living room.

Well, that had to be awesomely terrifying.

There aren't too many details about Perry's assistance in bringing life into the world, but she did issue the tweet below, celebrating her new skill of birthing a child. We hope this was a planned at-home birth and not an accidental one.

Whatever the case, baby delivering is certainly a, uh, resume builder and a conversation starter for the pop diva.

She is probably too busy taking a breather after delivering a baby to be sending out 140-character transmissions further explaining how and why she was called upon to assist with this task.