Katy Perry is the cover star for the March issue of Interview and the mag has shared the striking image. Lots of early chatter about the shot claims that it barely looks like Perry, but we agree and disagree with that assertion.

The sexy shot of Perry, with black hair curled and piled atop her head, paired with darkened, dramatic brows and thick, statement winged eyeliner drawn long enough that it nearly connects with her temples, doesn't look like the current version of Perry. Lately, the 'Part of Me' diva has favored smoky eyes in all the colors of the rainbow, pale pastel lip hues and that asymmetrical aqua blue bob, the latter of which followed a dusty pink hair hue.

The image does, however, look like the Perry of yore, known for her raven locks.

Perry channels Studio 54 era, '70s siren in this cover shot, with her distant stare. She looks like she is getting ready for an event and is starting at her own bad self in the mirror and it's one of the sexiest shots we've ever seen of Perry. That's probably due to the fact that she's ditched the Candyland colors and looks grown up and sophisticated. The earrings and gloves are posh, making her look polished, without blunting her edge.

The red backlighting adds drama, and that jewel-encrusted bra top shows off her famous assets. You know, the ones that got her "canned" from an episode of 'Sesame Street.' No pun intended, of course.

The issue lands March 1.