Rapper Missy Elliott has come out of the shadows -- retirement, maybe, since we haven't heard anything musical from her in quite some time -- to lend her big, bold and bad-ass voice to the remix Katy Perry's 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)' At least it's better than say, Perry's new BFF Rebecca Black remixing her latest hit single, right?

Elliott has been off the radar for so long, so she couldn't have picked a better or more high profile partner to step back into the spotlight with. Her contribution to the song is pretty much an intro verse and she kicks it off, asserting, "Hey, yo, Katy / Let's hit it with the remix, baby" and that's just what she does, clicking the Autotune switch a la Lil Wayne, toughening up a silly pop song about partying with her confident raps.

She raps about being tipsy and asks the bartender to pour some more, but what really wakes the song up is when Elliott says the she "ain't no stripper / But I'll work the pole." That's how Elliott brings it.  Overall, this remix is a slightly edgier, beefier version whose urban cred is kicked up a notch thanks to Missy Elliott's appearance. It's not much different; there's just more window dressing and some added vocals bells and whistles.

Will this remix be enough to push the song into the radio chart history that it's hoping for? We'll see.


Listen to Katy Perry, 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)' Feat. Missy Elliott