Katy Perry did her best to extend Rebecca Black's fame by another few minutes, bringing the 'Friday' singer onstage at her show at the Nokia Theater in LA on Friday night. Wearing a fluffy pink concoction, Perry ushered her homegirl Black to the center of the stage. And speaking of black, Perry looks like she went back to her most famous hair color unless she was wearing a wig. It was "back to black" in many ways on Friday night in the City of Angels.

Together, Perry and Black sang a quick rendition of Black's viral hit 'Friday,' with Perry waving her hands in the air and inspiring the crowd to do the same. Since Black had a cameo in Perry's 'Last Friday Night' video, this was the perfect live mashup and for two minutes, Los Angeles was the center of the universe. How perfect was it for Perry to perform with Black on a Friday night of all nights? The world probably stopped spinning on its axis.

Their brief performance concluded with a big hug and Perry proclaiming, "That was our moment. We love you, Rebecca." Did you notice that thinly veiled reference to Black's second single, 'My Moment?' Perry then encouraged the packed house to give it up for Black, which they did. When Katy Perry makes a demand, her fans listen and respond in turn.

After the web-created sensation Black had left the stage, Perry looked at her adoring audience and made another declaration, saying, "Dammit, I love the Internet." That about said it all. Without the Internet, we'd never even know who Rebecca Black is.

Watch Katy Perry and Rebecca Black Sing 'Friday'