Rebecca Black has released her second single and video, 'My Moment,' and while we doubt it'll be the cultural watershed that her so-bad-it's-still-bad debut single 'Friday' was earlier this year, the song and accompanying clip should get the kids and online hawks chattering.

While the video production for 'Friday' was a train wreck, what a difference a few months makes; this is definitely more professional looking, and features a glammed up Black in an array of frilly dresses.

The song is synthy, frothy and dancey all at once, with Black affirming "This is my moment" repeatedly, and to her credit, it is. We catch a glimpse of her life once she blew up: Recording in a studio, reading her feature in USA Today after 'Friday' became a viral hit, and walking the red carpet while posing for photos.

We also see Black attempting choreography -- we'll give her and "A" for effort, but did she impress us? Well, we can leave that up to the arbiters of taste and of pop culture to decide.

At least she looks more like a real pop star in this video than a little girl whose mother spent a couple of bucks to hire a producer to let her make a song and video, as was the case with 'Friday.'

'My Moment' ends with the wide-eyed Black in pretty red party dress, her curled hair falling over her shoulders, while being escorted in a limo. She pulls up and sees her her name and single on the marquee. We're reminded that it's her Cinderella story we're watching.

Enjoy your glass slippers, Becks!

Watch the Rebecca Black 'My Moment' Video