Arguably the greatest thing to come out of the 2015 Super Bowl or any Super Bowl ever, really, is the now-legendary dancer known to the Internet at large as Left Shark. If you're not sure who or what we're referring to, check out the above video of Katy Perry's performance and focus on the shark on the left. You know, the one who seems to have been replaced, last minute, by someone whose knowledge and skill in dance doesn't extend past a rough idea of what the macarena might be.

Naturally, the Internet went crazy and a meme was born. Someone even got left shark tattooed on his body, so it's all very real. At this point it only makes sense for someone to try and cash in on it. So when an Orlando resident started selling 3D-printed Left Shark toys, it wasn't exactly breaking news.

But it looks like Katy's lawyers aren't happy with him, and sent him a cease and desist letter. It says (quote via Billboard), "Our client [Perry] recently has learned that you have been involved in the manufacture, sale, marketing and distribution of merchandise featuring a shark sculpture which embodies and uses the [Super Bowl halftime show], and that you have displayed this product on your website, in connection with such sale and distribution."

The seller has decided to throw in the towel, telling CNN, "All this lawyer crap is very stressful," which sounds pretty accurate to us. So, if you want a Left Shark model you might just have to make one yourself.

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