Nothing beats candy-colored and free, and that's just what the official Katy Perry mobile app is! The app features all of Perry's latest and greatest hits --  and you know you love to sing "K-k-k-kiss me" from 'E.T' at the top of your lungs -- as well as videos, news and photos.

You can never have enough photos of the easy-on-the-eyes Mrs. Russell Brand or her bright ensembles in your life and this app will feed your Katy Perry need to the fullest.

The app will also supply you with crucial information like tour dates, the skinny on Perry-related promotions, music releases and other exclusive content. Besides news, photos and a vast assortment of content, you can accessorize and personalize your mobile phone with décor from Perry's candy-covered world, and earn rewards for connecting and sharing with friends!

Free, colorful and the chance to earn rewards? If you've not downloaded this app yet, what are you waiting for? We're looking forward to more of Perry as Smurfette in the upcoming Smurfs movie. It doesn't get more colorful that that.

It's available here.

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