In Katy Perry's own caps-lock words, she is now "THE FACE OF MOSCHINO."

Perry posted a photo from the campaign on her Instagram account earlier today (June 10), which shows her clad in a cropped gold bustier-top, gold-accented denim jacket, gold chains, gold belt and a black pencil skirt. There's so much gold involved. She also managed to channel Kardashian momager Kris Jenner with her recently debuted pixie cut. (Which, by the way, no one can seem to agree on -- is it a wig or not?)

The collaboration between Perry and Moschino should come as no surprise to anyone who's been paying attention to either of them over the past few years -- she's friends with designer Jeremy Scott. They even arrived to this year's Met Gala together, posing on the red carpet a la the photo above.

Considering Perry's love of colorful, cartoon-like, over-the-top kitsch, Moschino is a pretty good fit for her. Speaking with New York Magazine's The Cut, Scott opened up about his relationship with Perry, saying, "She came to me before she even had her first album and told me I was her favorite designer, and she hoped one day I would make her costumes."

He went on to say that his friendships with celebrities in general -- he recently collaborated with Miley Cyrus, too -- are far from contrived. He said, "It’s not calculated, it’s not leveraged, it’s something that is very organic and pure. And I love that these people I feel very inspired by, whose music I listen to and jam out to, feel inspired by me and what I do and want that relationship with me as part of something that’s very crucial to them: their image, the way people view them. I feel very blessed to have such wonderful cheerleaders and champions of my work."

You can check out Perry's first ad for Moschino on Instagram.

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