Katy Perry works fast. The singer has reportedly moved on from her failed marriage to Russell Brand already! Rumor has it that she is dating Baptiste Giabiconi, who in addition to being incredibly well-coiffed and appears good-looking even behind a pair of shades, is the highest paid male model in the world.

So Perry has swung from a British comedian to a hot French model who also sings? Obviously, Perry doesn't have a type! She's an equal opportunity dater, not to mention beautiful, rich, talented, famous and a catch.

Perry, 27, and Giabiconi, 22, were first spotted together at Paris Fashion Week, taking in the Chanel show. They were seated next to each other in the front row, which could have just been a matter of the seating chart, right?

Well, maybe not! When Perry made her return to the City of Lights, she was met by the leather jacket-clad model at the Gare du Nord station. That's no accident or coincidence. The pop star and the pretty boy tried to avoid the flashbulbs of the invasive paparazzi, but apparently did not succeed in that mission.

One of Giabiconi's close friends, Princess Kasia Al-Thani, has said that her friend, whom she dubbed an "incredibly model musician and humanitarian," is "smitten" with the 'Part of Me' singer. She also said that "Katy is the perfect girl for him," according to The Daily Mail.

Jeez, this guy leads a charmed life. Even his friends are princesses.

Perry, who is smack dab in the middle of a divorce, hit a nightclub in London recently, and crossed paths with a bride-to-be at a bachelorette party. Laura Cooney, who was wearing a joke veil and tiara, says that Perry ran up to her and exclaimed,"Don't do it! Don't get married!" The singer qualified that statement a few minutes later by wishing the soon-to-be-wed girl luck!

Do you think Katy Perry is moving on too fast, PopCrush readers? Or do you think it's good that she has found a hot, new man to mend her heart?