The lovely and purple-haired Katy Perry took a seat on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' to talk about her upcoming 'Katy Perry: Part of Me' film.

Looking Katy Perry'ish, with stars on her pantyhose and deep, berry-hued matte lipstick, the singer spoke about the content of the film, saying that the not-so-perfect stuff of her life was left in tact. That makes us think any scenes pertaining to her soon-to-be-ex-husband Russell Brand remain in the doc, since they wed while shooting it.

"I thought it was important for me to show everything in between," Perry stated, in measured words. "Sometimes, people think we're perfect, but we know we're not perfect at all. When you start breaking down the idea, to achieve your dream, [you think you] have to be perfect or flawless or live in a fantasy world. I put everything into the film in the most tasteful way. It's about how I got there, and the ride along the way, which can be bumpy, but is mostly extremely fun."

Perry also shared how she was dropped by two labels and how they wanted her to be like Kelly Clarkson or Avril Lavigne, to which she responded, "But I want to be Katy Perry first. My vision was so strong. I got to go with it."

Brand recently appeared on 'Ellen,' saying that he still loves Perry and that he had no regrets about their very short-lived marriage.

The 'Ellen' show is the center of the Perry/Brand information universe.

Watch Katy Perry Talk About 'Part of Me' Film on 'Ellen'