Katy Perry debuted the new song 'Part of Me' during her performance at the 2012 Grammy Awards last night (Feb. 12). While she hasn't spoken publicly or candidly about her split with husband Russell Brand yet, this song certainly could serve as her statement on the matter.

She doesn't need to do an interview with Oprah or Diane Sawyer or Robin Roberts when she has this song to do all the talking. She's putting her dukes up and coming out swinging at Brand. Lookout!

The song, now available on iTunes and set for her special edition of 'Teenage Dream,' puts the brakes on the frothy, confectionary, lighthearted lyrical fare the blue-haired diva is known for, in favor of taking some serious lyrical shots directed towards her soon-to-be-ex-husband.

Aside from the often repeated chorus, "This is the part of me / That you're never gonna ever take away from me" and "You're not going to break my soul," which already stings, Perry goes for the jugular in the bridge, during which she sings: "Now look at me I'm sparkling / A firework / A dancing flame / You won't ever put me out again / I'm glowing / So you can keep the diamond ring / It don't mean nothing anyway / In fact you can keep everything / Except for me."

Ouch. That one hadda hurt. While demos of the song have been leaking on the web as early as 2010, The "diamond ring" line proves that Perry has updated the song after she and her hubby split. Overall, Perry encases a rather venomous, yet self-empowering message in a synth heavy, looped beat pop song -- and she never passes up the chance to take a swipe. Things got that ugly in the Perry-Brand union, huh?

She always had sass and pizazz, but she is being downright vicious towards the British comedian she was wed to for only a year. It's a different side of her on the lyrical and vocal level; the studio treated sonics are quite familiar.

She did say in her October 2011 InStyle cover that “I am full of unicorns and Care Bears 99 percent of the time, but don’t open Pandora’s Box of that other one percent — because it’s there!” Consider the box opened.

Go here to nab the song. She's Katy Perry. Hear here roar and wait for Brand's retort.

Watch the Lyric Video for 'Part of Me'