Katy Perry is no stranger to adopting hysterical personas for her music videos (remember Kathy Beth Terry from 'Last Friday Night'?), but she has gone all out in the vid for her latest single, 'Birthday.' While the lyric video was sugary sweet, this video is anything but, featuring Perry as five different party personalities all pranking a wide range of birthday parties. 

The video starts out with Perry introducing each of her characters to the camera, including Goldie the Dancer (a scantily clad, elderly "dancer" fond of her "golden nuggets"), Yosef Shulem (the mustached Bar Mitzvah emcee) and Ace the Animal Trainer, a general mess of a human being complete with a glitter beard.

And the video only gets more outrageous from there, as Perry arrives to each party as each of her respective personas. As the awkward parties go on, the pop star manages to make out with a 90-year-old birthday boy (as Goldie the Dancer), spit some rhymes with a bespectacled Bar Mitzvah boy (as Yosef Shulem the MC), terrify kids while eating a rat (as Ace the Animal Trainer), attempt to make some pretty horrible animal balloons (as Kriss the Clown) and, eventually, surprise a gaggle of little girls as she takes off her Princess Mandee disguise and reveals herself to be Katy Perry.

Watch the video above!