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Oh hey, Katy Perry's brand-new hair color.

The 'Roar' singer subtly showed off her wine-colored new hue on Instagram last night (Dec. 8), taking a super cute selfie that also flaunted her gorgeous baby blues and enviable rain jacket.

"OOTD school girl raincoat vibes," she captioned the pic, sure enough demonstrating her outfit of the day. But besides the patterned raincoat, all eyes were on Katy's stunning new shade, a rich eggplant color that somehow managed to match her lip gloss perfectly.

While the pop superstar/hair chameleon has dyed her locks pretty much every color under the sun (including some shades that don't even exist in nature), her latest is totally one of our all-time faves. It's regal and bold, but surprisingly subtle in that it's not a far cry from the tried-and-true black hue she favors often. And while Katy has gone purple before, her past shades have been more vivid. This one is mature and elegant, just like the fine wine color that it is.

Katy Cats, check out Katy Perry's new hair in the Insta pic above!

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