They're both single at the same time, so did something in the hot, Cali desert air at Coachella stir up romance with longtime pals Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson?

Well, we don't know, but Perry, who split with John Mayer again, and Pattinson, who has been off with former GF Kristen Stewart for some time now, did spend some time together at Coachella this weekend.

A Perry fan Twitter account posted a photo of the hunky actor and the singer hanging out. The green hair was the dead giveaway that it was Perry. But there was nothing super suggestive about the photo.

They reportedly took in several music performances together. Bonding over music, perhaps?!

Perry and Pattinson are just friends, but the "Are they or aren't they?" rumors have popped up here and there. With both of these talented and good-looking celebs suddenly single, you can't help but wonder if support and friendship has turned romantic.

Perry has said that they fart in front of each other, which makes us think that they are SO comfortable with other already that there would be no romantic awkwardness when crossing the line. We're totally trying to fan fiction them!

They'd be SUCH a cute duo, and we can call them "Perrinson."

Rumors had spun that Stewart had hoped to meet up with her ex at the event to help celebrate her bday -- she turned 24 on April 9. Hanging with Perry may have thrown a wrench into those wishful plans.

Oh, what a tangled Hollywood web...

Below is the fan-tweeted pic of Perry and Pattinson hanging out.