Fans holding out hope for a reunion between Katy Perry and John Mayer or even Perry and ex-hubby Russell Brand better not hold their breath.

Word is that the 'Wide Awake' diva has been cozying up to Robert Pattinson (aka Edward Cullen), with whom she is close friends. R. Pattz split with Kristen Stewart and Perry wants to help heal the 'Twilight' star's broken heart.

Perry is said to harbor a secret crush on the hunky Brit, with whom she crashed a wedding, and has her eyes on more than friendship with him. Insiders say she would take a flying leap to be with him if the opp presented itself.

Um, yeah, who wouldn't sever a limb if it meant you could be with Eddie C., the sparkliest of the sparkly? Hello!

"Katy has fancied Rob for years and thinks he could be The One," a source told Closer magazine. "Maybe that's blinded her, but there's no way he's over Kristen yet. Her friends are telling her to wait before rushing into anything - if he's still interested in a month's time, then it could work. A lot of Rob's friends think he could end up back with Kristen and say he'll fall to pieces if she gets together with someone. They've been on and off so many times that no one thinks it's anything more than temporary this time."

Perry is aware that Pattinson is fragile, having just split with K. Stew again even after she cuckolded him last summer by cheating with one of her film directors.

"Katy genuinely adores Rob, but she knows he was hurt by what happened with Kristen," the insider shared. "They're trying to keep it quiet but everyone who sees them knows there's something going on. Even before Rob split from Kristen, they never made any secret of how much they enjoyed spending time together."

Still, Perry is trying her hardest not to pounce, with the source saying, "Katy's being patient with him, but all of their friends love them together…Rob's happier than ever since the split and Katy's loving spending time with him."

PopCrushers, do you endorse a Pattinson-Perry permanence?