The lovely Katy Perry is hosting 'Saturday Night Live' this Saturday (Dec. 10) and boy does she appear up for the job!

Perry, looking super cute with her new blond bob and a red shirt with cats all over it, is featured in the just-released episode promos with actor/cast member Kenan Thompson. There are four short jokes stuffed into this one clip and Perry demonstrates killer comedic timing. Perhaps she has been practicing with her skills with actor/comedian hubby Russell Brand? Well, Perry does a spot on impression of her man in this clip.

In one segment, Thompson jokes he is manning a mission to Mars, with Perry sympathetically wondering how he got himself in that predicament. In the following segment, Thompson asks the singer if Brand gave her any hosting tips and that's when Perry lets it rip, impersonating Brand's thick British accent and manic, rubbery facial expressions, saying he told her to "Talk this this, look like this and be a bit cheeky." Thompson mumbles, "I wouldn't do that." Hilarious!

Perry and Thompson share another joke about her being an actress and then they play on her name being spelled with a "y," with Thompson asking "Why?" It's a modern update of "Who's on first?" They do a little dance at the end, too.

This is going to be a good ep of 'SNL' so tune in on Saturday night. Robyn will serve as the musical guest. Maybe Perry can join her and do backup vocals?

Watch the Katy Perry 'SNL' Promo