Katy Perry songs belittle guys, flirt with the idea of being with girls, intentionally bash Vegas and remind us of our first loves. But the singer-songwriter -- formally a gospel singer -- proves she’s more Candyland sweet than malicious. Now the cutesy costume-loving Perry has five No. 1 hits from two Top 10 charting albums, all neatly packaged into our list of the top Katy Perry songs.

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    'I Kissed a Girl'

    Whether this top Katy Perry song was inspired by Scarlett Johansson’s lips or Katy Perry’s admiration for a friend at 15 years old, the cheeky, seemingly innocent “act” took Perry to the top of the Hot 100 charts for seven consecutive weeks. It was A&R executive Chris Anokute’s faith in the single that got radio stations on board, as well as the hesitant Capitol Records, making 'I Kissed a Girl' one of the most popular Perry tunes to-date.

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    Deemed a favorite ‘Teenage Dream’ track by the songstress, ‘Firework’ is based on an excerpt from Jack Kerouac’s autobiographical novel, ‘On the Road,’ a book introduced to by her husband Russell Brand. Although this top Katy Perry song opens with subtle keyboard and strings, it stays true to Perry's signature club-laden hooks, as she sings: “Cause baby you’re a firework / Come on show ‘em what your worth / Make ‘em go 'Oh, oh, oh!'"

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    Feat. Kanye West

    Katy Perry's out-of-this-world single is the third off of the pop diva's album, 'Teenage Dream.' Featuring a rap verse from Kanye West, who spits lusty rhymes about "bathing [his] ape" in someone's "Milky Way," this catchy hip-hop influenced song finds Perry rhythmically singing about having sexual desires for an interstellar lover.

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    'Teenage Dream'

    Dabbling in the nostalgic pastimes of being in love as a teenager, the title track off Perry’s most recent album became her third No. 1 one single on the US charts. “Lets go all the way tonight / No regrets, just love / We can dance until we die / You and I / We’ll be young forever,” Perry croons.

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    'Part of Me'

    In 2012, Katy Perry released bonus tracks for her 'Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection' re-release, and the angsty yet powerful breakup anthem 'Part of Me' was one of them. While many thought this dance-pop track kiss-off to her ex Russell Brand ("This is the part of me / That you're never gonna ever take away from me, no"), Perry insists the emotionally-charged, girl power song was helmed with Dr. Luke prior to the couple's highly-publicized split.

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    Katy Perry had a rough year, but came out of it triumphantly! If 'Wide Awake' is Katy's look back at a relationship gone sour, than 'Roar' is the lesson she learned. With lines like, "You held me down, but I got up /
    Already brushing off the dust / You hear my voice, you hear that sound / Like thunder gonna shake the ground," it's clear she's not afraid to stand up for herself, and you better believe you're going to hear her roar!

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    'California Gurls'

    When you’ve got producing giants Dr. Luke, Max Martin, and Benny Blanco backing up an electropop-laden single that features Snoop Dogg, the result is a summer smash. Katy calls the tune the West Coast version of Jay-Z’s ‘Empire State of Mind,’ with spelling stylized to pay tribute to Big Star’s 1974 hit ‘September Gurls.’ The single reigned the Billboard 100 chart for six weeks and earned Perry her second No. 1 single.

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    'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)'

    Perry recaps a crazy Friday night out partying -- taking too many shots, blacking out, and being kicked out of bars among other debaucheries. But what's even better than the song -- which helped her tie MJ's Hot 100 record -- is its paired music video: an ode to John Hughes flicks with a little 'Old School' humor. We love the cameos by Hanson, Rebecca Black, Darren Criss and even Kenny J -- but honestly, where is Will Ferrell streaking?

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    ‘Wide Awake'

    'Wide Awake' is by far one of the best Katy Perry songs to date. The songstress spins a tale of deceit as she reflects on a horrible ex after having an eye-opening experience. Perry's vocal shine on this midtempo, electro-pop gem, with vibrating synth and steadily beating drums playing as she sings, "You made it so sweet /Till I woke up on / On the concrete / Falling from cloud nine / Crashing from the high / I'm letting go tonight."

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    'Hot N Cold'

    What better way to describe an unstable relationship than a handful of binary, polar opposite elements? “Cause you’re hot and you’re cold / You’re yes then you’re no / 
You’re in and you’re out / You’re up and you’re down.” Also composed by leading pop producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin, this top Katy Perry song charted in 15 countries, and became her second Top 5 hit, following her seemingly innocent, yet infamous ‘I Kissed a Girl.’