Katy Perry surprised KatyCats who attended a special screening of 'Katy Perry: Part of Me' in London on Thursday night (June 7) by showing up and serving popcorn.

Before the film began, Perry popped on stage, saying, "Hi, is it alright that I'm here? We're going to watch my movie."

The singer then took a seat among fans, snapped some photos and generally showed that she is living the teenage dream. Perry also served popcorn at the concession stand.

When a fan asked for a hug, and she commanded him to come down onto the stage so she could fulfill his request and he did. She's Katy Perry and she's in charge!

She's also quite a crowd pleasing Katy. One viewer summed the film up in a nutshell, saying, "I feel like I know Katy Perry now, personally. She could be your best friend and would be the most awesome friend ever." Katy Perry and You: BFFs Forevs! Make a necklace or a t-shirt.

So maybe she wasn't in London just to rekindle the flame with reported BF Robert Ackroyd.

Watch Katy Perry Surprise Fans at a Movie Screening in London