Lounging in a bathtub full of pearls? Just another day in the life of Katy Perry. The singer took fans behind the scenes of her 'This Is How We Do' video,' giving them an extra-special look at the visual.

"We are having so much fun because there are so many incredible looks and designs and costumes and fashion pieces," Katy explains. "It's a great combination of my love for Tumblr and modern art museums."

As it turns out, the colorful, multi-layered vibe of the video was inspired by Katy's nomadic lifestyle.

"When I'm on the road, I like to go and see different museums, whether it's history or art or what have you," she adds. "And lately I have been very drawn to modern art."

Katy's fans know that she likes to embrace color in her style -- but she also brought her fun sense of humor to set! From a bathtub filled with pearls to an amazing karaoke scene, this video is a total feast for the eyes.

Go behind the scenes on the set of Katy's 'This Is How We Do' video above!

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