Katy Perry's 'Unconditionally,' the second single from 'Prism,' is an upbeat, room-filling anthem about letting go and letting love into your life. But what is the song about on a deeper level?

It's pretty much the sonic equivalent of a trust fall. Learning to love again after heartbreak is scary prospect for anyone, especially for a famous woman who endured a very public divorce and was left with a scarred heart. But her split from Russell Brand didn't sour Perry on love. In fact, she is more of a romantic than ever, ready to embrace love and let the light in!

Sorry, we can't think that this song is about anything other than getting over R. Brand and moving on to bigger and better things.

"Oh no, did I get too close? / Oh, did I almost see what's really on the inside? / All your insecurities / All the dirty laundry / Never made me blink one time"

Here, she is saying -- perhaps to her boyfriend John Mayer -- that she knows it's scary to try and learn to love again, and to get close, and to get to know the real him beyond the public persona. But nothing, not even the headlines -- the dirty laundry reference has to be about his dating exploits, which were well-chronicled in the gossip media -- could scare her away once she fell for him.

"Come just as you are to me / Don't need apologies / Know that you are worthy / I'll take your bad days with your good / Walk through this storm I would / I'd do it all because I love you, I love you"

Her sentiments here are what makes it true unconditional love. She doesn't care about the past. She doesn't care about the bad times. She wants him, warts and all. It's such a touching and beautiful statement for her to make. She's essentially telling him that she gets that it takes the sun and the rain to make a rainbow.

"Acceptance is the key to be / To be truly free / Will you do the same for me?"

That lyrical phrase is the song's kicker. She has affirmed her love and opened her heart, which was the hard part. The harder -- and perhaps, the hardest -- part is next. She asked her beloved to do the same for her. It's a big risk, but it comes with a bigger reward.

PopCrushers and Katy Cats, what do you guys think of our assessment of the lyrics. Are we right on or do you read and interpret them differently?