Orange isn't exactly the most popular hair color, especially when it looks for real orange and not natural red, but that didn't stop Katy Perry and Lady Gaga from dying their locks these blazing hues. While Perry's is much more muted than Gaga's bold coloring, who do you think wears orange hair the best? 

Perry recently showed off orange-red hair on the cover of L'Officiel magazine, and while we're pretty sure the singer hasn't actually dyed her hair this shade, the tone really agrees well with her pale, peachy skin and grayish blue eyes. She looks like she's channeling Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine, one member of which Katy coincidentally hooked up with earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga recently debuted her glowing orange hairdo overseas, and even though we're pretty sure this is a wig (not too long after, Gaga actually dyed her hair brown, so we doubt she went for a permanent orange dye job beforehand). Either way, if there's anybody who can wear fiery, burning hair well, it's Gaga. She once again proves she's not only Mother Monster, but the Mother of Color, rocking any shade she pleases and somehow pulling it off.

So, who's got the best orange hair? Is it Katy Perry, or Lady Gaga? Cast your vote below!